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Jul. 8th, 2022

If you're an entrepreneur, independent professional or small business owner, I encourage you to find out why my Teleseminar Secrets™ training is absolutely your fastest, easiest and most economical way to...

Create content-rich info products at the speed of sound
Automatically build highly-responsive online lists from scratch
Motivate and persuade prospects to sign-up on calls faster
Inspire and influence more registrants to show-up on calls
Repeatedly develop world-class teleseminars that sell
Rake-in thousands of dollars with Joint Venture Partnerships
Captivate any teleseminar audience to buy "on-command"
Delegate and offload "busy work" to reliable Vendors

So if you're ready to start, please proceed to the next web page where I reveal the $48,840 in free bonus gifts and return each year at no cost claiming your Free Alumni status for life!

Speak To You Soon,
Alex Mandossian, Chief Instructor
Teleseminar Secrets Training

P.S. Just in case you are even busier than usual, I have given you the final summarizing paragraph first. If you want to read the rest, here it is:


Before you read this online letter I want you to review the top 8 reasons you might NOT register for my Teleseminar Secrets™ training today.

The reason I'm doing this upfront is because I want to get your Resistance out of the way so you don't self-sabotage yourself by not taking action now. So based on my surveys and experience, here are the 8 most common reasons for Resistance...

8 Common Reasons Why You May Resist The
World's Best Teleseminar Marketing Training


Resistance Reason #1: "I don't know how to profit from teleseminars because I can't yet see how they fit into my marketing mix..."

Alex's Response: Look, every business is a teleseminar business. In Module 1, you'll get spoon-fed 19 specific ways to win more sales at the speed of sound and best of all, over three-quarters of them are totally free!

"Alex is one of the most effective,
hard-working, clear thinking,
originating guys on the planet

Mark Victor Hansen co-author and creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and One Minute Millionaire series

Resistance Reason #2: "I don't have a big enough online list for a teleseminar or any other type of direct promotion..."

Alex's Response: It doesn't matter if your current list is small, or if you have no list at all. In Module 2, you'll discover 21 time-tested tactics to build a highly responsive database from scratch ... and 16 of these tactics are free!

Lisa Lafave

I adored this course with Alex. He is brilliant, a joy to listen to, and he is a true teacher.

. . . with what I learned I expect to transform my business this year.

Click here now to grow your online database with teleseminars...

Resistance Reason #3: "I don't know how to motivate new prospects (or my existing clients) to get registered for paid (or free) teleseminars..."

Alex's Response: If you're a newbie or veteran marketer, you'll want to listen carefully to Module 3 because you'll learn 16 proven strategies (12 are free) to persuade more prospects to sign-up on your teleseminars with ease!

"Alex knows what he is doing, he
leads by example.
.. His techniques are worth their weight in gold. "

Armand Morin

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Resistance Reason #4:  "I don't think it's possible to persuade a high percentage of registrants to actually show-up on my calls ..."

Alex's Response: In Module #4, you'll encounter 15 no-nonsense secrets to inspire more of your tele-registrants to enthusiastically show-up on your calls and listen attentively. Guess what? Exactly 13 of these secrets are free!

David Chaney

The overall training you will receive from Alex Mandossian 's course and Alex himself is "phenomenal" for success in the business to business market.

. . . I highly recommend this training and the relationship you will have with Alex Mandossian's team.

Click here now to motivate registrants to show-up on teleseminars...

Resistance Reason #5: "I don't have a system to come up with enough meaty content for my teleseminars to make my money month after month ..."

"Convert your shyest, most skeptical prospects into lifelong customers."

Jay Conrad Levinson best-selling author and acknowledged "Father of Guerrilla Marketing"

Alex's Response: Module #5 reveals how to consistently craft meaty tele-content that sells, with less human effort. You'll also discover the 17 most embarrassing teleseminar marketing mistakes and how to avoid them!

Paul Colligan

TeleSeminars have made me more money than podcasts, emails and websites combined. This is the technology you want to master before you master anything else in today's internet world.

. . . I learned to do TeleSeminars "right" from Alex Mandossian.

Click here now to avoid the biggest teleseminar marketing mistakes...

Resistance Reason #6: "I'm shy when it comes to interviewing top industry experts and I'm not sure how to cut solid Joint Venture deals ..."

Alex's Response:  Module #6 will dissolve your fears about approaching any business leader to do a teleseminar with you. In fact, you'll learn 12 types of Joint Ventures that make you rich by interviewing industry experts, just like Napoleon Hill did over a Century ago while researching "Think and Grow Rich!"

"Why is Renee Grant-Williams taking Alex's
Teleseminar Secrets™ Training?"

What I Do: I have a great job! I live and teach voice in Nashville, Tennessee, where I have the privilege of coaching some of the most successful singers of our time: Randy Travis, Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Huey Lewis, Dixie Chicks. I speak professionally on communication skills for the voice.

Why I'm Taking Alex's Class: Alex, YOU convinced me. Your techniques so obviously worked on me, that I'm here to learn how you did it. Why re-invent the wheel?

Click here now to become a world-class teleseminar Interviewer...

Resistance Reason #7:  "I don't think it's possible (or it's too pushy) to sell from my seat as a teleseminar marketer ..."

Alex's Response: You should get registered and get access to Module #7 to find out how to add six-figures to your bottom line. You'll learn how to non-invasively inspire your listeners to buy "on command" because you'll get private access to 13 tips to sell from your seat - faster, better and easier.

Marty Fahncke

TeleSeminar Secrets taught me how to turn a "one-to-one" revenue model into a "one-to-many" residual revenue stream.

. . . how to gain residual revenue quickly and simply.

Click here now to stir teleseminar audiences to buy "on-command" ...

"Alex has created many teleseminar methods that are rapidly becoming standard operating procedure in business."

Marlon Sanders father of the two-page online sales letter, founder of

Resistance Reason #8: "Even if I've overcome the previous 7 reasons for Resistance, I don't really feel it's possible to double my income and triple my time-off utilizing the power of teleseminar marketing ..."

Alex's Response: Pray that your closest competitors feel the same way so you can quickly and almost effortlessly gain an instant edge over them. I mean it!

Richard Blackstone

As a student of TeleSeminar Secrets and by coming to a TeleSeminar Secrets Reunion you will be surrounded by positive successful people who will help you succeed.

. . . I can't say enough about Alex Mandossian's teaching style and I highly recommend this course.

Here's why: Module #8 exposes you to 11 killer outsourcing strategies to offload busy work to reliable vendors. I'm talking about web designers, recording pros, transcription pros and copywriters, just to name a few.

Click here now to get access to Alex's private Vendor Network ...

"Any seminar with Alex has been on time, been extremely high content and it has
helped my business."

Tom Antion

These Two Words Are Probably
Your Biggest Source Of Resistance

FINAL NOTE: Look, if you're still resisting my teleseminar training, it may be because of the most self-sabotaging, most insidious reason of all.

This is the same reason that has robbed you of the Joy, Happiness, Honor, Relationships, Fame, Wealth, Leadership and Expertise you know you have always deserved ... as well as any other human virtue you can think of.

It's the one fear that raises its ugly head whenever you want to learn something new, or when you push yourself to master what you already know. You know what I'm talking about because you face it every day.

Can you guess the "two-word" silent Thief I'm talking about?

It's not a person. It's not a place. It's not even a thing.

It is the human condition that shows-up in your life with an intention to protect you, but in reality it repeatedly robs you of getting what you want and even worse, to what you have...

I'm talking about your "Comfort Zone."

"Alex has a system and organized approach that is very, very simple and easy to follow"

Declan Dunn Dunn Direct Group

Right now - even before you start reading my letter below - I want you to dissolve your "Comfort Zone" for the next 10 minutes. You see, my goal here is not to change your mind about teleseminar marketing, or anything else.

My only goal today – right here, right now - is to open your mind so that the agony of your decision making becomes so intense that your only escape is to push through your "Comfort Zone." After you're done reading this Web page, you can go back into your "Comfort Zone" as long as you'd like.

Marcia Bench

Alex taught us how to increase our TeleSeminar attendance and revenue and gave us a systematic way to grow our business.

. . . TeleSeminar Secrets "turbo-charged" our business.

So if anything I've said so far is true for you, please have the willingness to read the rest of this letter. If you've read this far, the only reason you may be resisting my teleseminar training is your fear that it WILL work.

I'm only guessing ... but nevertheless ... ready-or-not, here we go!

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Teleseminar Secrets™ advanced training

Dear Colleague,

I want you to imagine something with me here a moment, okay?

Picture yourself sitting in a comfortable chair in your home with a cool glass of your favorite drink close at hand.

Maybe you even have your feet up on your is early evening ... the sunset was gorgeous and now you pick-up your telephone and dial in to introduce yourself to the hundreds of attendees who have showed-up...

You spend the next hour with your co-host, talking about and training your
tele-audience about your favorite topic in the entire world... Imagine training
250 at once...

As you plunge in, you're unable to hold back the feeling of excitement from creeping into your voice as your adrenalin gets shot into your bloodstream...

Suddenly, you leap out of your seat and start pacing the room! And then, at the end of the hour, the listeners' lines are opened up for Q&A...

You answer questions from about a dozen listeners who proudly demonstrate they've been hanging on to your every word, soaking up your valuable information and enjoying your rare wit and sense of humor.

When the call is over, everyone on the line acknowledges you with a thunderous "THANK YOU" ... for your time and knowledge.

After you've wrapped-up the teleseminar and call it a night, you put your "sleeping cap" on (or whatever you do before bedtime) and fall asleep laying and smiling in your bed, proud of your productive day!

The next morning, you spring out of bed, grab a quick bite to eat and fire-up your computer and check your "stats" for the night before...

Wow! You just made over $10,200 in sales while you were sleeping!

"Alex Mandossian is the undisputed heavyweight champion in the teleseminar strategy world."

Dave Lakhani President of Bold Approach, Inc.

Okay, now let's step back from that scene for a moment and let me ask you a very important question. Be totally honest with me and yourself ... okay?

How would you feel if that scene became a reality for you one day? How would it make you feel if that scene occurred to you repeatedly 3 days a week?

How about 15 times a month ... and again month after month after month?

Do you think it's really possible, or are you still wondering if it's all a pipe dream? I have no idea what you're thinking about right now, but I do want to ask you something here that's a little personal but extremely important.

You ready?

Okay ... here it is:


Register TSS Blog Video Reviews Bonus Gifts Guarantee FAQs

"If we met here 3 years from today ...what has to have
happened during that time period (both personally and
professionally) for you to feel satisfied or even wildly
successful about your progress?" 

More importantly, as a teleseminar marketer ... which of the eight common reasons for Resistance (you reviewed above) are at this moment getting in your way of achieving your dreams 3 years from now?

How about 1 year from now ... or even a month from now?

"I tell you, Alex's teleseminars
are simply like no other.

Paul Colligan

Here's a second important question that I want you to think about right now: What if your annual income became your monthly income?

I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I didn't believe that would ever be a possibility for me, until I made it happen 6 years ago.

What an amazing day that was! I remember calling my wife, Aimee, and telling her the great news. Wow! I'll never forget that phone call as long as I live...

Yet that day was paled in comparison to the magic moment when my annual income turned into my weekly income!

Do you have any idea what becomes possible with that kind of money? If you know me (and I do hope our paths cross often), then you already know that what becomes possible is the "gift of Giving."

Don't you enjoy being a Giver whenever you're able?

The money that has poured into my bank account as a result of teleseminar marketing has given me the financial means to give and give and GIVE!

"There's nobody better at the teleseminar format than Alex Mandossian."

Martin Wales host of Entrepreneur Magazine,
e-biz show, and

Let's take my mom as an example :)

As I keep accelerating my Net Worth through teleseminars, I finally get to spoil my mother.

As long as I'm living, she'll never have to pay to get her hair or nails done again. Ever! (Her hair dresser and manicurist like the sound of that too.)

And then there's my sister who lives in Southern California. I'll spontaneously buy plane tickets to fly her up with the rest of her family to stay with us on any given weekend, as we watch the young cousins (our kids) play.

"The greatest problem of communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished."

~ George Bernard Shaw

Over the years, I've lost count of the gifts I've showered my Vendors, ranging from laptop computers to audio equipment to projectors to fine dining ...

They deserve these gifts and so do you. And before I go on and on ... let me tell you right now why I'm telling you this...

I'm telling you this because if you're anything like me, the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships.

And nothing seems to accelerate the growth of a meaningful relationship more than that of the Joy of Giving.

Here's The Problem: You must first have financial resources to become a responsible Giver.


Fifteen years ago, I wanted to give as much as I do today, but I was dead broke. I didn't even have enough money to buy birthday cards!

But all of that has changed today. And I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart, that I cracked the code of financial freedom and success because of the money-making power of teleseminar marketing.