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  Please give me instant access to your teleseminar so I too can discover how to sell more info products, software, services, consumer goods or practically anything else I can think of ... faster, better, with less human effort!

I understand that during this training call, you'll reveal time-proven teleseminar secrets that can dramatically boost my sales and profits WITHOUT making me spend a single dime more on advertising or promotional costs...

I also understand that these are the same strategies you've utilized to repeatedly (and almost effortlessly) generate more sales and branding value for top business leaders such as Donald Trump, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, Harv Eker, Vic Conant, Joe Vitale, Joe Polish, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay, Robert Allen, Michael Gerber, David Bach, Robert Cialdini, Bob Proctor, Barbara DeAngelis, Armand Morin, Scott Martineau, Steve Harrison, Kenneth Blanchard, David Allen, Ted Thomas, David Bach, Tom Antion, Jay Abraham and many, many others...

I further understand that you'll reveal the identical teleseminar tactics that have made you $1.6 million in 10 months ... working-from-home with only one employee!

By the end of this training I'll have access to...

Claim Marketing Advantages ~ Exactly 8 critical advantages I have whenever I conduct my own teleseminars and win more sales at the speed of sound
Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes ~ Precisely 7 huge mistakes most marketers make during their teleseminars ... and how I can instantly avoid them

Sidestep Humiliating Mistakes ~ Specifically 9 embarrassing mistakes most marketers make before their teleseminars ... and how to avoid them

Learn The 7-Step Plan ~ Learn The 7-Step Plan ~ Utilize your time-tested plan to quickly triple my passive income as an "Interviewer" of world's top industry leaders

Case Studies For Cash ~ Part-the-curtain on your 4 most closely-guarded teleseminar campaigns that each produced over six-figures in annual income, but required less than 2 hours of effort (each)

Outsourcing Strategies ~ At least 5 core attributes to find low-cost reliable vendors to write sales copy with greater pulling-power, build high-conversion web sites, reliably record and transcribe audio content with fast turnaround times ...

List-Building ~ Quickly, easily and repeatedly utilize my teleseminars to automatically build highly responsive online lists from scratch

And so much more!

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