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"Answer These 7 Questions And Instantly Get Your Free Custom Electronic Marketing Analysis™ With Time-Tested Strategies For Getting More Traffic And More Customers"

Take 2 minutes to answer these questions, and you'll instantly get Alex Mandossian's custom business and marketing analysis that gives you a roadmap for your future Internet and electronic marketing strategies...

1) How do you market your products and services right now?
2) If you use electronic marketing methods, how often do you promote your products/services to your customer list?
3) What is the "Annual Sales Value" of a customer to your business?
4) What marketing method do you typically utilize to promote Joint Ventures with strategic partners?
5) As an "information marketer," how do you normally create your new "content" to help grow your business?
6) How many "days off" do you normally take from your business each month?
7) How much do you invest in Continuing Education (home study courses, CDs, DVDs, teleseminars, books, seminars, etc) annually?

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